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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
I've been trying to get this across for years here. But that doesn't stop people from buying the APDGT just because Rafa uses it, meaning it must be the best racquet out there, the most spinniest, etc.

I think the other posters who say strings are more important are on the right track. You can get any racquet that gets you in the ballpark and then dial it in with the right strings and tension. A powerful racquet with a stiff poly at high tensions is going to be much less powerful. A control racquet with gut at low tensions is going to be a rocket launcher.
Strings are very important, but I have to disagree with anyone who says that you can make a high power tweener stick equivalent to a player's stick just with string.

My Prestige strung with gut or a multi on the low end is still not as rocket-launchy as my PDR was. It also says a lot that I had to string my PDR in the 60's with poly to get the sort of control that I could get with my prestige strung with a multi in the mid 50's.

That's not even mentioning the possibility that the need to string a stiff racket with a stiff string at high tensions could be detrimental for someone with a sensitive elbow.

The is no single magic stick, but there will be rackets that are better suited for each player depending on skill level, the type of game they play and preferences.
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