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Originally Posted by mctennis View Post
They still make the Leonia 66. Plus when you read the reviews they still say great things about it. I may try some for the heck of it.
Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
Mike.. I used it for years. The 77 is the 16G and the 66 is a 15G. All I really used in the 80s. Still a nice hit.. but I bet with my newer strokes I would break it in under 5 hours. I also used to play a much smaller head.. and 18 x 20 pattern. The 66 used to last for weeks and weeks..

If you hit with heavy topspin you are going to rip thru these. If you have an older type/flat game... these are really a nice hit.
Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
It's actually "Leoina" not "Leonia". And the 66 used to be what most of my friends played with because we were young and our parents didn't want to pay for restringing all the time!

Another popular string was Toalson Gold ("Toa Gold"). But again, only the 15 gauge lasted long enough to play with more than a few matches.
If I recall, this current one isn't the same as the one you all used.

I was going to get some for my wood frames, and remember being told it wasn't the same as the one of old.

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