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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
^^ such lists are meaningless unless you know what objective criteria were used to create them.
Meaningless? I doubt that. One can make a reasonable guess that they are using reasonable criteria. If you come across a list of greatest cricket players ever, aren't you going to assume it was compiled in some sort of reasonable way and include the very best players, even if you knew nothing about cricket?

Originally Posted by North View Post
I guess you are talking about plain Cheerios. That's the only kind I can keep in the house. I love the Apple Cinammon Cheerios but wind up eating too much cos they are like a snack.

The plain Cheerios are good because they are not like eating hay, which is what a lot of whole grain cereals are like to me lol, and the Cheerios make me feel more sated.
Yes, plain cheerios. The uninteresting kind. I agree nothing else is safe to keep in the house.

For whatever strange reason, I find Grape Nuts highly delicious and addictive, and highly filling as well. They keep me sated for a long time (once I manage to walk away from the box after a couple of bowls, that is.) I'd be surprised if Cheerios have that kind of staying power.

In fact, one of the reasons I'm suspicious of the health benefits of Grape Nuts is because I enjoy and crave them so much. Something that addictive has got to have something bad about it...

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