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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Didn't Emmo whip Gonzales in Florida?
And was Gimeno still part of the discussion?
Remember, Santana in the sixties was a much hotter product than Gimeno, but the pros could not afford to sign Santana or Emerson, who made more money as amateurs than Laver or Rosewall did as pros!

Oh, and lifetime: Santana won 72 tournaments, Gimeno 46. Santana 4 majors, Gimeno 1. Not even close. And Santana was great in Davis Cup.
There´s been enormous discussions in Spain about Gimeno being better than Santana or the other way is more a political fight than anything else.

IMO, Santana was a greater champion and Gimeno a more complete player.Had they played DC together, they are the only team in the 60´s able to pull up a fight against the unbeatable aussie squad.And maybe Spain would not have waited till the XXI century to win the cup.
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