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Originally Posted by UCSF2012 View Post
It's more about the strings than the racquets. Stiff strings provide killer control, while lively strings give super pop. You adjust the string combo/tension to get the power vs control you want.
I agree with this. Just look at the pro game. Nadal, Tsonga, Jerzy, tons of players using stiff, "powerful" tweeners toned down with stiff, spinny, lower-powered copoly strings.

So to sum up this thread: The player is most important; good players can play with anything. Strings are a distant second, but can provide extra power, spin and control if a player needs those things. Racquets are last. Differences in actual "power" are minor - Sampras only serves 3 mph slower with a wooden racquet! Pick a frame that complements your game and feels good in the hand, during the swing, and on impact.
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