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Originally Posted by Dutch-Guy View Post
Ripping your shirt off will get you a yellow card in football (soccer). Should that rule be imposed in tennis as well? To me a player is free to celebrate the way he wants to. What about you?

Vote and Comment.
This, I agree wholeheartedly. It's way too cheap and Djokovic has got absolutely no class in celebrating. I was rooting for Djokovic against Nadal in the AO 2012 final and I was absolutely disgusted when he ripped his shirt after beating Rafa. I perceive it as an insult to the player who played six hour long final with you.. I was very happy when Rafa spanked him in FO.

Seriously, I badly want Rafa to be back for FO and give him a huge beating at RG. ATP should ensure that players don't pull out these kind of disgusting acts on the field
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