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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
Well, you're clearly in love with Serena, so we can't take what you say on the subject seriously.

I don't think that's true, I think Graf and Navratilova would clearly be the top 2 if a poll were done across all age groups. It's generally the younger generation who think Serena is GOAT.

I have Serena at 4th.

Court won 11 out of 24 slams at the pre-Open Era AO. Graf won all 4 majors at least 4 times each in the Open Era. Graf is clearly greater than Court. I've already explained why doubles are irrelevant for the GOAT debate.

Why do you persist on making the Seles stabbing a unique event; as I've explained previously, it's just another hypothetical "what would have" happened situation. I see in one of your previous posts you try to claim that Steffi was actually responsible for the stabbing (i.e. had a connection with the person who committed the attack). Tinfoil hat nonsense.

If you want to put down Graf because of the Seles stabbing, you have to take into account all hypothetical "what ifs" in tennis history.

Therefore you have to admit that Maureen Connolly is GOAT, because she would have won every slam competed for the rest of the 1950s if she hadn't been injured.
For Hoad and Connolly amount of slam titles shouldn´t be applied, since both were GOAT candidates alone on their peak play.
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