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The Pre Open Era crap in the womens game is a bunch of nonsense. Anyone who knows squat all about tennis knows the womens game was never like the mens game in that sense. The best players played amateur and all the slams atleast until their 30s. Court was playing the best players in the World in winning all her slams (apart from a few of the Australians when some didnt show, but that is their problem). What this is, is clearly a qualification to make Graf's clearly inferior achievements and numbers better than Court, numbers even with the HUGE gain to her own numbers from the Seles stabbing and playing virtually no doubles she still couldnt reach, with the excuse "oh Graf had tougher competition" (which compared to Court she didnt anyway, lol). Well in that case one can say Serena is better than Graf since most of her career she also had tougher competition, and in fact even in todays weak WTA the overall depth of the top 50 far eclipses the Graf era, and since she flat out would kick Graf's *** if they played head to head, along with the fact she is excelling into her 30s while Graf at 27 could no longer keep up.

Take your choice. All about numbers then Court is the GOAT, not Graf, and it isnt even close. Bring all this subjectivity and qualifying Court's achievements into it, then people are free to say Serena is better than Graf despite having not reached her numbers.

Also to the person who said the stabbing was not a unique event, get a clue. How many times has an athlete been nearly stabbed to death by a crazy fan of their archrival on the field during play, especialy in an individual sport like tennis. Yeah I thought so.

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