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I read an article about how Uncle Toni used to argue with a young Nadal about eating properly. He told of a big match before which Rafa ate a bunch of junk food and Uncle Tony didn't say a word. The match went the distance and Rafa ran out of gas and actually wound up feeling sick. He told the story in reference to how Rafa gained his discipline with off-court preparation.
Good story it recurred even later when Rafa developed a passion for chocolate croissants in Paris. This was just prior to winning his first French Open at 19!
I recommend his bio. written by John Carlin.(RAFA My Story 2011).
The book really helps understand why Nadal is so possessed about being prepared.

We have all made the same mistakes with match preparation. It is a huge learning curve & you can't start soon enough, in my opinion.

Sunbeam's advice is good: experiment & find out what foods you need,like.
It is all about what your body responds best to. Pack your own bag & make sure you have everything you need. It will be good preparation for travelling later to tournaments & having all the clothes, racquets, string etc you need...

It is a great journey so don't forget to have fun.
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