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Originally Posted by PureAlph4 View Post
Haha. Pretty much sums up where the club is - plenty of talent, high wages, no desire, no fight, no drive, no sense of responsibility, easy excuses, poor organisation, poor discipline, non-existent leadership etc etc. It's all well and good saying "Arsenal looked better in the 2nd half against City, Chelsea" etc, but the end result is the same every time. Any team will get at least two easy (if not 'free') goals against us, and most can get away with playing for 30 minutes or less to get a result.

You can see what difference buying the real quality players make, with Mata and Hazard able to keep the ball and beat players when under pressure. Obviously we can't afford them, but you don't get the same from 'above average' PL players, and 'good' Ligue 1 signings.

Sagna's fall from grace since returning from injury has been staggering; he's constantly losing possession, always being caught out of position, and his delivery is embarrassing. Giroud has started to go backwards since his slight improvement earlier in the season - the look on his face after he loses the ball / misses a chance every time is that of a loser (i.e thinks he's been hard done by, rather than being self-critical, or looking to rebound). Ramsey and the Ox seem to have stalled in their development (less worrying in Ox's case, as he's young, and been injured). In the defensive third it's as if there is no prior gameplan - shambolic nonsense, where there is no collective responsibility for keeping the opposition at bay. Throw-ins are a joke - we seem to lose the ball EVERY time within 3 seconds. Our only attacking option on the bench in a vital game today was Arshavin, a player who doesn't care, and who we've desperately been trying to get rid of - and that was only thanks to an even worse player, Gervinho, fortunately having departed to the African Cup of Nations.

West Ham next, and then Liverpool. We could be below Liverpool sooner rather than later. At least the next few games offer the possibility of turning over a new leaf and trying to build some consistency.
Not a bad fixture list going forward. But yeah, Sagna has been pretty miserable lately. His crosses are way off. There is still a glaring need for a defensive midfielder so Wilshere and Arteta can have a bit more freedom.

Wilshere seems to me the only one that cares about the club nowadays....
"It was like watching Dolgopolov, except that it all made sense"- Mikhail Youzhny on Evgeny Donskoy
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