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Originally Posted by 1st Seed View Post
hi Jolly,^^
My pb"s i have two 6" strips at 9&3,usually weigh them up to the 365g range,
Gut/poly 50lbs.For banging with the big boys the pb mid really delivers a blow.The open pattern is what sets this stick apart from most mids,along with the buttery smooth contact,really dampens the stick no unwanted feedback,
ill give it a go at stock to see how she plays and holds up to basline bashing.but ill have to lead it up for my likeing.never hit with an organix volkl,interesting to see how the technology will work.if it does at all?
That sounds like a nice all-courter's setup for a player who hits a clean stinging flattish trajectory (slight hump 2-3' net clearance) with enough spin to stabilize the arc, and kick forward a bit when it hits the court.

I imagine it is solid and consistent in rallies, and has some sneaky pop when you need to sting one, but not something you would just want to constantly wail on the ball with and push the other guy through the back curtain.

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