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Is everybody enjoying the Australian Open lately ?

This is what happen to Kavcic after his match in the 2nd round. He was completely gone after a brutal match, with exhaustion, injuries, pain, and force to see medical attention. He's only 25 years old, unlike 40 years old Gonzales who had no problem competing in the old days when tennis was easier on the body. That's why players in the pre-open era and even in the 70s were able to win so many titles. I hope you all understand why it's not possible to win a lot titles because the game is way more physical then ever. So please, don't use Laver's 200 titles as has equal weight to today's standard. It holds a standard to his era but no way it's comparable to today.
Originally Posted by TMF View Post
PC1, are you saying players were calling the MTO as often as today? Retire prematurely as often? I don't know about the 60s, but does anyone know that players were getting treatment as often as today? I doubt that. Please be honest, and don't hide the fact.

The match between Nole and Stan was another gruesome encounter, where Stan need all the treatments from the trainer he can get, and yet, that wasn't enough because he could barely jogging due to the cramp and fatigue. ESPN was showing both players ran over 3+ miles throughout the match.
The match was the great encounter between two top players but it does amaze me that you complain about some posters here writing negative things where you often initiate it.

Yes players are in great shape today and players were in great shape in the past.

Here's one point from some oldies. They did a little running here.

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