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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Yes. BTW - I never said there was a magic stick.

Look, I liked the PD enough that I bought several of them and played with them for several years. I just prefer how my current sticks feel. The PD are perfectly good sticks.

IMHO, it's easier to start with a stick that plays closer to what you like and fine tune with the string rather than starting with a stick that's not quite what you like and trying to find a string combo to make a large change that makes it play like a stick with completely different characteristics.
I agree. It's not the stick doesn't matter, my point was just that the "power" element of sticks is mostly marketing and that players shouldn't get sucked into trying to find the racquet with the ideal power level for their game. There really isn't that much difference between racquets in terms of power, until you get into the difference between traditional players' sticks and so-called granny sticks - 115 square-inches with 350 swingweight and super-low static weight. For myself, like you, my favorite racquets fit my game and swing style and, maybe most importantly, feel good. From there, one can fiddle with strings and tensions to try to reach some personal optimum, but there are still always tradeoffs.
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