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The recovery time from such matches is sooner as is the recovery from injuries, because of medical advances in nutrition and hydration therapy, pain and physical therapy. It is easier to replenish the right nutrients, when we better understand what they are and how they interrelate and how they are digested.. It is easier to treat injuries when you can see them better, diagnose them quicker and repair them less invasively. Recuperation times frames are shorter when you have more options for pain relief and muscle, tendon and bone repair and when you can target your response more accurately.

Modern science is more than a convenience for modern athletes. Kavic should be back on the court and effective again sooner than he would if this happened in 1967. It is more than convenient that specialists in sports injuries, and imaging equipment are all over the globe, and not just LA, New York and some capitals. Its nice for athletes than those specialties actually exist and are meaningful.

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