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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
You play tennis either for fun or business if your wanting to play on a D1 team you will have to treat it more like a business cause there are a lot of guys that have played this game a lot longer then you and their parents have poured lots of $$$ into it "investment" , the same thing you do in a business you invest $$$ to build your business .

The reason some people bring you down is because the truth is when you build a business there is a lot of long hrs. of work ,hard work and when it comes to the curve of profit seems like the pay off will never come and sometimes it don't but if you have a dream of making it keep at it other wise go out on the weekends crack a lemonade and have fun swing away .
You're absolutely right when it comes to tennis being an investment of hard work, money, etc. I'm actually practicing from 8-10 foot work then 10-3 I play tennis tomorrow. I never really looked at it that way. Thanks.
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