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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
^^^ I'll never say a doubting word about him ever again!

Actually, having not said much here about Spurs here for a while, just want to say - and in contrast to quite a few other Prem teams who you may have expected a bit more from, like, eek! Newcastle, for example - I'm pretty impressed with how AVB has begun to imbed his tactics, philosophy, whatever and got us playing - and not only that but also playing with real spirit too - today being a great example as IMO we not only deserved the point with Utd, we quite possibly deserved all three.

In a basic way, you do get the sense he is molding the younger players to play a very certain way, and the ones he's brought in have to compliment and be in line with this. An exciting off-shoot being the (delayed but secured) capture of Lewis Holtby from German football.

There are a few other things I've liked the look of... not least the IMMENSE form of Vertonghen (what a superb signing)... the way Defoe has reemerged, Dawson too actually... the way our ripped apart side (VdV and Modders sold) has relatively quickly found a new personality and authority... Sandro, Bale and Lennon's form under AVB... etc.

Anyway... yeah, I was one happy bunny when that goal went in.
Hey Ross, fellow spurs fan here. I was screaming like a baby when that goal went in and i was urging us forward to try and take all 3 points like Everton did to us last year. By all accounts we dominated possession and had 3 times many more shots than united so we at least deserved a draw although they had a penalty claim.

I agree that despite my reservations about AVB he has done a solid job and has made us more tactically sound. With Redknapp we would have never taken 4 points of united. In fact this is the first time in 20 years that united have not beaten us since the Premier league began. That in itself is a testament to the work AVB is doing. IMO AVB is head and shoulders above Redknapp in tactics and strategy.

Take for example the way we restricted united to 4 shots on goal while having 24 shots ourselves and despite this we maintained a solid shape. In years gone by we would have taken a 2-0 lead and crumbled 3-2 or 5-2. This time we have a plan and stick to it so i am very pleased with AVB and think that with further investment of players like Holtby, and hopefully Jao Moutinho and a solid striker we could make a splash at the league in a few seasons.
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