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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post

Sampras had already broken the record by 29 year of age, and no one was around him in the slam count or even CLOSE overall to what he accomplished.

Different scenario with Roger.. Rafa was breathing down his neck for quite a while and DESTROYED him on the big stage on all surface more times then not. He was breathing down his neck in terms of legacy so the drive was there for Roger to continue trying to keep the record out of reach.

Pete had Andre but Pete got the best of Andre more then vice versa when it matter and overall in the h2h count. Rafa has been around pushing Rog to the limit for quite a few years now (with only injuries stopping Rafa from achieving more). Pete had systematically silenced all his main rivals time and time again on the big stage.
So basically Pete Sampras sucked despite playing in a weak era with no real competition. Got it
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