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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Why do ****s like to create these threads? Fed has accomplished a lot. Why do they need to further their own insecurities..

Only insecure fans act this way. And there is no fan base more insecure then the Fed fan base. Sad really.. After all Fed has accomplished
Look, I like both. I grew up watching Sampras play, and during most of my adult years cheered for Federer. So trying to stand in the middle here....

Both players are legends, and have done remarkable things in their historic careers. The bottom line is that their names will be remembered through the history books when people look back on the players that defined this sport. In an essence, both have reach immortality as a result of their hard work, dedication to their craft. All this petty bickering does not change what these players mean to this sport.

If people are insecure in creating these threads. Then you have equally insecure fans that feel the need to retaliate, because if they don't, somehow the original flamming message would be the word of God, and that player truly was medicore. Neither was Sampras and neither is Federer.
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