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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Why do ****s like to create these threads? Fed has accomplished a lot. Why do they need to further their own insecurities..

Only insecure fans act this way. And there is no fan base more insecure then the Fed fan base. Sad really.. After all Fed has accomplished
What is there to feel insecure ? Even if Rafa gets to more majors than Fed, at least there is no current player on the ATP who will get to all the other records created by Fed. So that is far from the truth.

What we would like to highlight through these threads is the gap between Fed and other greats like Sampras and Nadal.

Also what you need to appreciate is the effort that Fed puts in day in and day out at age 31 whereas Sampras threw in the towel at age 29 as evidenced by these pathetic losses.

Today when Fed loses to Berdych , Tsonga or Delpotro every one bashes Fed saying he does not have the tools to handle big servers or hard hitters and needs to quit. What they dont realize or fail to understand is Fed is not having the losses that Sampras had and is still strong even at this age, when he neednt be motivated any more as his records are so much out of reach from the rest.

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