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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
I doubt it.. Because Nole or Murray wouldn't have been breathing down Fed's in the slam count like Rafa has been for the past few years. Only injuries probably stopping Nadal from eclipsing Fed in slam count, and total domination in the h2h (worse then it is now)

Had Nadal not been around, I would wager Fed would have lost major motivation (around the same age Pete did). Possibly would have retired a few years ago
yeah but first I think Federer doesn't really want to let go of the feeling of beating everyone and getting the trophy and also since pete won 13 slams and broke the record, the emphasis has been on breaking records. Pete thought his record would stand for ages but I think Federer would stick around to keep on racking titles up. Could be wrong but I think these days the focus on breaking records is way more. Like someone mentiioned Sampras only had 11 masters but masters have become more important these days, tennis has changed a lot. If Sampras was around these days he'd probably be trying to win more masters and play into his mid 30s
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