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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Yea.. There is more pressure when you got a guy breathing down your neck and ready to overtake you in the slam count (Like Nadal was doing with Fed prior to injuries stopping him a few times).

However, there was no one close to Pete in this regard because he TOOK CARE of his main rivals on the big stage (something Fed FAILED to do).

If Fed wasn't Nadal's patsy, he would have been out of reach a long time ago and could have retired early.

... Refer Back to my first post..
I largely agree, but breaking records has certainly been motivation for Federer. His very good 2012 was mostly about surpassing Sampras' weeks at number 1.

Those of us who have witnessed both eras know there are asterisks that go with each. Sampras clearly did not value certain criteria which later on would prove to be more important (skipping or showing little interest in the Olympics for example). He had very particular goals and focused heavily on those at the expense of others.
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