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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
I largely agree, but breaking records has certainly been motivation for Federer. His very good 2012 was mostly about surpassing Sampras' weeks at number 1.

Those of us who have witnessed both eras know there are asterisks that go with each. Sampras clearly did not value certain criteria which later on would prove to be more important (skipping or showing little interest in the Olympics for example). He had very particular goals and focused heavily on those at the expense of others.
Well yea... But it was Pete who Put the records there for Rog to break.. Pete had broken most of the records (At least the major ones in his 20s). YE#1, most weeks #1, Slam count, YEC, Wimbledon titles etc.

So I'm not understanding why people find it so hard to believe Pete lost some motivation. He broke the major records, and put the slam count way out of reach..

Other then winning the French (which for whatever Pete gave up on after 96)... There wasn't much left for Pete to do. Major records broke, domination over his main rival contemporaries for 6-7 years. He had done what he set out to do

... and again with Nadal breathing down Fed's neck making him have to win more slams. Its easy to say why Fed stayed motivated.. He HAD to stay motivated

Id probably lose motivation too if I was Sampras.

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