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Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
Kvitova will win more slams....similar to Maria in the year spans between majors I think.
She lacks that instinct I referred to earlier--more and more, she's becoming--or already is Kuznetsova 2.0--or maybe she will be stuck with half of that success (such as it is). She buries herself into introverted head case zone, and that is not the mentality of a multi majors winner in the Open Era. Make no mistake, there's a difference between being reserved (Borg, Graf, Lendl, et al) and behaving as though she could bury her head in the sand at any moment.

Perhaps the situation is as others have said elsewhere: she needs a sports psychologist.

Wozzy...I doubt she will reach another Slam Final.
The only chance she has is the perfect storm of top players being the victims of fluke loss, injury, or not showing up. Just changing one of the factors means Wozniacki goes back to her not-so-terrific trio filled out by Jankovic and Safina.
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