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@martini1 yes, it is more rounded than the usually square head shape, but nonetheless does retain a little bit of it. coming off of a vcore, there is a difference, with the mains being longer than the ezone xi 98. the rqis line was when the introduced the "Aero Shape Head" and yonex has incorporated it in ever incarnation of the line. interestingly enough, the first ezone 100 was rather "normal"/square no? when i tried it it was far too light, super thick beam n bad demo string job. This is the tech explanation of Aero Shape

"The Aero Shape of RQiS Series racquets creates more frame thickness for higher repulsion. Compared with a conventional frame, the Aero Shape creates a thinner, more flexible shaft that sends hits downcourt with more top spin. The YONEX Aero Shape together with the Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube structure, instant-recovery Elastic Ti frame, and Dual OPS shaft create racquets that deliver the perfect mix of speed, power and control.

@Anton So where exactly did u place the lead again?? how many strips? how long? i have 2 layers of head guard stretching from 10-2 n the racket is a big sluggish. in my vcores, which had leather grips, i put some strips in the throat n it was good. thanks
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