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Originally Posted by tennisaddict View Post
I wanted to analyse Sampras's performance when he was 29-30 in relation to Federer's performance post year 2009.

It is mindboggling to see the kind of losses Sampras has had during these years. Sampras fans make it as though that but for clay he was god and also in clay , he was very competitive pre-1996. How can a grass and hard court god suffer so many losses when not even crossing 30 ?

I was seeing the calibre of players and the rankings of players over the top 30 whom Sampras lost to when he was age 29-30

Total 2002 win-loss : 27-17, Losses outside top 30 : 11

Paul-Henri Mathieu (FRA) Ranking 85 - 2002 Long Island
Wayne Arthurs (AUS) Ranking 70 - 2002 Cincinnati
George Bastl (SUI) Ranking 145 - 2002 Wimbledon
Nicolas Kiefer (GER) Ranking 66 - 2002 Halle
Andrea Gaudenzi (ITA) Ranking 69 - 2002 French
Nicolas Escude (FRA) Ranking 30 - 2002 Dusseldorf
Max Mirnyi (BLR) Ranking 39 - 2002 Hamburg
Felix Mantilla (ESP) Ranking 45 - 2002 Rome
Fernando Gonzalez (CHI) Ranking 62 - 2002 Miami
Wayne Ferreira (RSA) Ranking 48 - 2002 Scottsdale
Todd Martin (USA) Ranking 57 - 2002 Adelaide

Total 2001 win-loss : 35-16, No of Losses outside top 30 -9

Max Mirnyi (BLR) - Ranked 53 - 2001 Germany
Alberto Martin (ESP) - Ranked 38 - 2001 Cincinnati
Galo Blanco (ESP) - Ranked 76 - 2001 French
Alex Calatrava (ESP) -Ranked 50 - 2001 Hamburg
Harel Levy (ISR) -Ranked 54 - 2001 Rome
Andy Roddick (USA) -ranked 119 - 2001 Miami
Andrew Ilie (AUS) - ranked 43 - 2001 Scottsdale
Chris Woodruff (USA) - ranked 96 - 2001 Memphis
Todd Martin (USA) - ranked 54 - 2001 AO

How many of you have heard of Andrew Ilie , Chris Woodruff, Alex Calatrava ?

Will Federer have these kind of losses in his last 2 years ?
Sampras didn't care, you should read up on him, his thoughts and attitudes about Tennis. Sampras was a MONSTER, second best in my opinion. He did benefit from faster courts, would have had more trouble today. Fed on the other hand would have been more dominant on the faster courts of the 90's.

Love what Aggassi said on the Tenniography thing about Sampras serve, "Get in your serve reception area, take to lunges to your left and mark it, then two to your right and mark it, Sampras would hit either any time he wanted, or he'd just put it at your body.

Sampras would take reception sets often knowing that he's ALWAYS get serve, then break once out of the blue and match is over.

Great players all of these guys! Fed is just the bomb, so consistant for so long, just incredible.
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