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Originally Posted by tendat View Post
@Anton So where exactly did u place the lead again?? how many strips? how long? i have 2 layers of head guard stretching from 10-2 n the racket is a big sluggish. in my vcores, which had leather grips, i put some strips in the throat n it was good. thanks

On my racket I have 4 pieces of lead 1.5"x0.25" at just bellow the top loop corner bends. So its basically 1.5g total at a bit above 10 &2 (and 1.5mm TW leather on handle)

Not sure how much your headguard tape weights and even more gravely not sure how much your particular frame weights...and where.

Given that, it's tough for me to give you any useful advice beyond most obvious one - take off one layer of head guard tape and see how it goes
Pure Control Tour: leather+og, 5g lead up top, 16L poly @ 52lbs = 12.68oz

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