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Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post

How did you and topaz do? Any video? Did necktie have a story? Are they all intertwined? Like bradina? Is it bovaz?

Wawrinka!!!!!! Wtf
I went 2-1. Our team was 2-1 after yesterday, and had no chance to play for the finals (Montgomery was 3-0, 9-0 in individual matches), so most of the team went out & got plowed last night. Our captain was still drunk on the court (I made him play: If you can't do the time...). We lost 1-2, and ended up 2-2 for the weekend.

Downs' team played @ 5 vs. Montgomery for the championship. Their 4.0s are 4.5 ringers, and one of their 4.5s was moved to 5.0 (like Vinnie), so it should be an interesting match.

No Necktie sighting (he was on a different team).
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