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NonP, Your statement that it's thus the more reason Beethoven did not invent Jazz because that name was not known in Beethoven's time, is beyond my understanding and logic. It's your own, special logic!

A person can invent a new thing or music or religion or wharever decades or centuries before it is reinvented by others, even though the first inventor does not know or use the invention's name of the later time (sorry for my English). We talk about the thing not about it's name!!!

It's easy to understand: Beethoven invented Jazz but did not give that new music the name Jazz which was an American name of later generations. You can't deny LvB this his genial invention.
I was not talking just about the name. For the umpteenth time, an invention is more than its parts. You're still confusing jazziness with jazz.

Anyway it's obvious you're not going to change your mind. Let's just disagree.

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Okay. Just wondering. You both are very rational posters and I was curious what the disagreement was about but apparently there was none.
I prefer to think so, yes.
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