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@Anton. ok I'll try it out. I remember reading somewhere here that adding lead at 10 n 2 or around that area enhances yonex rackets. Can anyone find that post/thread? Whats ur string n tension? I have poly tour spin 60/58 on one and 58/56 on the back up.

@klementine79 this racket is much more comfortable than the vcores. even though i did not experience any arm pain even with polys at 60 in them. perhaps it was the fact that i played with softer polys. I had a leather grip on said vcore and it was good. cant comment on the xi 98, but it has the classic yonex flex which is synonymous with the brand name. TW rates stiffness of the vcore 98d at 65 and 66 for the ezone. also due to the SD grid in the handle, its very comfortable. The new ops shaft gives it the flex n cradle as opposed to the vcore which stays rigid for control rather than power, which each line cater towards. i actually played with out a shock absorber on the ezone xi 98 due to the comfort and dampening from the handle n throat. When i played no shock on the vcore it felt hollow n pingy.
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