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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
Couch, thanks for all your posts. I am no where near your level of player, but would love to find a softer poly that holds tension and performs great in the 99S. I know my elbow can't take 4G so I didn't even try it. I have had bouts of TE off and on all my life and can't hit with stiff frames like PDGTs, so settled in with a Wilson BLX Pro Open (RDC measurement of 66) for the past 2.5 years. I have no issues with TE if I hybrid the Pro Opens with X-One Bi-Phase, or NRG2.

I prefer poly/multi hybrids, but the 99S isn't designed for this type of hybrid, so I have one with a full bed of Yonex Poly Pro Tour 125 (stiffness from TW University is roughly 200), and another one with Babolat Tonic / Yonex Poly Pro Tour 125. The Gut / Yonex is softer but I like the way the full poly hits.

Love any thoughts or suggestions? Now at 4.0 level, playing singles and doubles, putting about 10-12 hours a week on the courts. I break X-One Bi-Phase crosses in about 12 hours in my Pro Opens, so durability isn't really a factor.



The Tonic 16 / Poly Pro Tour 125 is better for my arm, but would love to find a softer poly that my elbow can manage. I love the Steam 99S but would love to see a more flexible version of a midsize with the same 16x15 pattern soon.

I played five days with it now putting in 21 sets. My arm is a little sore as I generally hit Sat-Sun-Mon then leave town for work on Tuesdays back on Friday afternoons.

Thanks for any help you might offer.
I have played a Signum Pro Tornado/Syn Gut hybrid for the last several years so I haven't really tried too many polys but these would be on my short list for soft polys to try:

Signum Pro Tornado- since it's shaped and twisted not sure how well it would do in the 99S. Does hold tension well.
Signum Pro Hyperion- fairly soft and good tension maintenance.
Signum Pro Poly Plasma- another softer poly that holds tension really well.
Weisscannon Black5edge- have played with this a couple times and I believe people talk about its softness.
Yonex Poly Pro Tour- hit with it once in the yellow and this one seemed like a pretty soft and elastic/powerful poly so it might be a good option

I just strung up the Black Code and hope to bit with it tomorrow so I'll give my feedback then.

Also, not sure what gauges you are using but you may try a 16L string. 4G has 16L and that may soften the stringbed up a bit. Just throwing out some options.

Any one else have any ideas as I am trying to find the right combo of power, spin, and durability in a string for this racquet.

On a side note- won my usta doubles match today 6-3, 6-2 using the steam. Probably served better than anything.

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