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Originally Posted by t-swede View Post
i played with my old 105 sl today and im asking myself why i ever put that racket down . it does everything well are you looking to unload one of your 105 sl rackets . do the pacific rackets retain the buttery fischer feeling i have been eying the comp which basicially is a 105 ul . slap a leather grip on it and some lead and voila a resurrected m-speed 105 sl anno 2013 !

on another note would the pacific pallets and buttcap fit the magnetic line , i really would like some more pronounced flare on the magnetic 105 .
I played part of the day with my 105 SL yesterday -- it felt great, as usual. Unlikely I will sell it, or my one NOS backup that I've stashed away. I do not believe there is a Pacific version with the same weight and balance so weighting up the new one sounds like a good plan. I love the 105 SL, it feels just like the No 1 98 SL but with more forgiveness, easier power and a little better access to spin. New and good used examples have become very hard to find.

The Pacific racquets I have played have not changed significantly from their Fisher versions (I've played with X-Force Pro, X-Force, X-Feel Pro Vacuum 90, and X-Feel Pro 95). There were always slight differences in feel of the same/similar Fisher models from different years but they remain essentially the same. I look at the most recent Pacific versions the same way. They still feel and play as Fischers. I switch between my M-Speed Pro No 1 98 and X-Force Pro with zero adjustment needed, so I am not noticing a big difference.

I have a new one that should arrive next week -- the Black & red Pro 98. Looking forward to trying the new version of the X-Force Pro that is supposed to be released soon. It will be interesting to see if there is any real change.

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