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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
NonP, You are a little liar: You yet answered: "Thus the more it's reason that Beethoven did not "invent" Jazz" as a reply to my words that Stravinsky did not called it Boogie-Woogie because that term was not known in Beethoven's time. Please stay honest!
You would be on better grounds to call me a "liar" if that's the only thing I said about this whole question of invention. I didn't. Calm down and read more carefully.

Why should I change my mind about Betthoven#s invention. I'm old enough and have heard enough classic and Jazz mucic to be able to differ between "jazziness" and "jazz"...
Look, you're the same one who thinks Haydn is the Roy Emerson of "classic" "mucic," so excuse me for not thinking so highly of your self-proclaimed expertise. And I never even said you should change your mind, as you're wont to do regarding your idol Rosewall all the time.
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