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Default Head from early 90s: have you ever seen this silver badge?

Hi everyone, this is my first thread... and post too!
I'm from Italy, I play with... love and collect Head rackets. Recently, I found several frame with Trek Font writings (early 90s), some of them belonging to the Pro Series family, with a "strange" silver badge under the handle. It's identical to the standard and famous silver badge of every Made in Austria Head racket from 80s and early 90s, but there's no Made in Austria writing on it. This is the badge I'm talking about:

My question is: is it possible that a Head racket from early 90s was produced in a country different from Austria and/or Czech Republic? I think... no. I believe Head started to produce in China (or Malaysia) in late 90s or early 2000, not in the Trek Font era. So, since there's no Made in Austria writing under the handle, maybe they could be the first example of Designed in Austria frame by Head, without any stressing by the company. I'm not sure, it's only a logical deduction: no Made in Austria writing, so no 100% austrian production, but not yet Chinese plants in that period. It remains only the possibility that these rackets were made in Austria and finished in Czech Republic, but no one at marketing had decided yet to put that writing on their frames. Just few months later, the classic silver badge with Made in Austria writing was replaced by the holografic one, the Made in Austria writing moved from the but cap to the frame (under the Head writing on the side, or just above the plastic collar over the handle), Trek Font writings disappeared from Head paintjobs and Designed in Austria writing made its first appearance over Head rackets.
What do you think about: is this reconstruction valid for you or not?
When Head started to produce its fame in the Far East? Have you ever seen this silver badge on a Head frame? Do you know where are produced rackets with this badge?
I hope somone of you, Head guru, can help me in finding the answer to all these questions...
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