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Hi TLM - You are the umpteenth person to come into the thread, comparing the racquet to a Vortex, then wondering what all the hype is about. Anybody who puts a full bed of nylon in this frame clearly has no idea what the 99s is designed to do. Fewer crosses than mains (something none of the vortex frames have) reduces string on string friction, and promotes the sliding and snapping back of the mains as the ball exits the string bed. The extra spin comes from string movement. You need to put slippery strings in there or it defeats the whole purpose. Your full bed of TNT is sliding, which is good, but they are too sticky to snap back into place, like a Gut/Poly or full poly bed. If you want to know more about this you can check my post #1000 a few pages back.

I would not have put that string in the racket it is what the demo came with. I completely understand that less x's can aid in the snap back of the mains which gives more spin, that is no secret. But just because it has 1 less cross than main does not make it the spin monster of the century. My main weapon is consistent high jumping top spin, I go by how high and quick my shots pop up and give my opponents trouble. Not by what the # of x's are to main strings.

A few years ago i used a vortex for a few weeks and tried different string set ups to experiment on what this racket would do. Regardless of the amount of crosses the vortex has it produced tremendous spin, and it really did not matter what string i used in it. I could use poly or a cheap nylon and still got massive spin from this racket. The spin came from the open pattern, the number of crosses meant nothing.

I will try the 99s with some poly to give it a real test and then report back. But what i could tell from the first time out it does not seem produce the amount of spin as the vortex does. But after a couple of different poly set ups I am hoping that i can get this super spin that many are saying.
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