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Originally Posted by Amir View Post
I need to do some research. What route did you go down? D2? D1?
I went to Vanderbilt then transferred to the University of Florida, both D1 schools in the SEC. Did not end up playing tennis for either schools. Got a great education and had a lot of fun at Florida, but a part of me wished I would've gone the D3 route and played college tennis.

Most D1 tennis players started playing from a very early age like 6 to 8. They are already veterans of the junior circuit with national rankings by the time they are in high school. The gap might be too big to make up for someone who started tennis at age 15. Thus D3 might be a more reasonable goal in this scenario. But you never know, Allen Fox, the legendary coach at Pepperdine started at 16 and became a world class player at the professional level.
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