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Fantastic. Thanks Anton & tendat.

The flex for the ezone xi98 is 63, the same as the 95d, which did not produce any harsh/stiff vibes for me, even with a leather grip. The 98d and 100s were murder with anything but a multi/syn.gut, + the leather put it over the top for me.

Interesting racquet for sure. That tapered beam could be just a little thinner for my tastes in the middle, but hey, I went into the 100s demo expecting not to like it and ended up falling in love with that one. Looking for a similar Yonex that's more comfortable.

It's a crap-shoot every 2 years with Yonex. Can't believe they're actually re-introducing two of the same racquets (98d+100s). They usually scrap everything and start over, which I can't stand!
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