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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
I have to wonder about Serena after she goes and locks herself in her room to avoid testing, citing it was a "burglar" ROFLMAO

I mean there are "studs" in pro sports. But this chick has some freakish strength.
yes the 'panic room incident..was a giveaway..also isnt a missed test supposed to be like a failed test ??, i dont remember the wta doing anything at all about it....

in ferdinand (manchester utd)..missed the testers and dissappeared from view for a bit (mobile off for hours) long enough to see a doctor for masking agents, and he got an 8month ban (couldve been 2yrs) a miss is like a failed test.

then in the atp..we got the laughable richard gasquet and the toxic kiss in the nightclub,

with a woman whos face is made up completely of drugs..
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