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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
That makes sense.. I dont buy the fact these pro players don't know when they are getting tested. I'm sure there are some stooges around that will give up the testing dates. Get tested and get some EPO in your system right afterwards. Its been going on for years in all sports. You'd have to be a complete naive moron to think otherwise

I love how Naive people are in America too. They are so heartbroken and amazed Lance could possibly have been doping.. You dont win that many Tour De France titles without some boost. IMPOSSIBLE. They should have been looking to slam him years ago during the fact.. Not 10 years after the fact

Yes to all of this. Players micro does EPO all the time so that they get the full benefit of it while clearing the sytem quickly. The testing in tennis is so easy to get around that they may as well not test at all. **** has not had a blood test from WADA for 7 whole months, yet he is someone they should be watching like a hawk and testing like crazy due to his very suspicious increase in performance. He is also against the biological passport which would make it harder for him to blood dope.
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