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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Yes to all of this. Players micro does EPO all the time so that they get the full benefit of it while clearing the sytem quickly. The testing in tennis is so easy to get around that they may as well not test at all. **** has not had a blood test from WADA for 7 whole months, yet he is someone they should be watching like a hawk and testing like crazy due to his very suspicious increase in performance. He is also against the biological passport which would make it harder for him to blood dope.

Exactly.. Nole is out there playing 6 hour grind fests like its a 30 minute hit around. They need to be catching these guys right then and there.. Not for this stuff to leak out 20 years after the fact. Those testers should be standing right in the back as Nole comes through the curtain ready to show after the match with their little **** cup in hand.

Where does common sense enter into all this? Theres too many of these guys on stuff today in all sports.. They need to get rid of it and hand out extremely harsh consequences for it..

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