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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Yes of course. You were unimpressed with the 99s, because you were playing with full nylon. I wish you luck with your play test... but your play test... is not going to add or subtract one iota from what has already been confirmed under tightly controlled conditions.

Really what exactly has been confirmed? And under what tightly controlled conditions? I really don't care to add or subtract from anything, this is just another tennis racket. You make it sound like you may have some financial interest in this racket being promoted. I demoed the 99s and the new blade 18x20 the other night, my opponent said that the ball came off the court much quicker with better hop from the blade, which surprised me but I am just stating what happened.

I am going to put some poly in the 99s tonight and hit with it tomorrow night. I hope that it plays great and I love it and it helps my game. I will be glad to report that if it works out to be a special racket. But if it does not I will report that also, so what like I said it is just another tennis racket.

What I won't do is exaggerate or over state its performance because it has 1 less x's than main string. I go by performance not unwarranted hype!
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