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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
What the heck.. No he isn't.

Sampras is wayyy more all court player.. Better transition to the net, better feel, better net play, more athleticism and pure speed
"All-court play" can be divided into four main areas:
  1. Net play
  2. Aggressive, short-point groundstroke play
  3. Steady, long-point groundstroke play
  4. Defense

Sampras is better at No. 1; Federer is better at No. 2. Federer is much better at Nos. 3 & 4.

"Better feel" belongs to Federer too. He has Mac-class hands; Sampras is not quite in that league.

Feds got a better inside-out FH, but Pete's is better on the run
I'll give you that, but the problem is that Federer hits about 10x as many inside-out forehands as Sampras hits running forehands in a typical match.

Sampras has the better serve, but Federer has the better return of serve.
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