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Originally Posted by dak95_00 View Post
I don't believe distance running could ever compromise your speed on the court. That said, if you want to be quicker on the court, you gotta do plyometrics. Distance training is designed to make you fast over a long period and plyos will make you fast and powerful in short bursts. A great training program would be one in which you did plyo workouts on your cross-training days.

At 40 years old, I play basketball against 20+ year olds and I can keep up in a straight distance run. I get blown away on the jumping and cuts but if I work very hard on my plyo training, I can get closer to where they are. My wife got me the Nike Kinect Trainer game for the XBOX 360 w/ Kinect and I've completed three weeks so far. It is working for me right now. Next, I've got to get outside and do some distance running. My 12 year old daughter who is just 6 months removed from ACL reconstruction surgery just ran a 6:15 mile at school on Friday and there is no way I can let her beat me. I'm not ready for that yet!
Yea, I will be sure to put in my squats and deads, as well as intervals and plyo.

I'll just have to listen to my body, especially in the outdoor season when I am putting in 15-20 hours/week on court.

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