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I don't believe distance running could ever compromise your speed on the court. That said, if you want to be quicker on the court, you gotta do plyometrics. Distance training is designed to make you fast over a long period and plyos will make you fast and powerful in short bursts. A great training program would be one in which you did plyo workouts on your cross-training days.
I like this guys advice.

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I've been enjoying this thread. As a hs teacher and asst. cross-country (x-country) coach, I gotta say I would place my money on the top 100 hs cross-country runners over this first ATP player. It comes down to specific training. Now if an ATP player trained for 6 weeks to 6 months, I'd take them to break into that top 100 but still not finish first. After all, you don't get to be an ATP player w/o a super competitive streak and a love of competition and winning.
So. how fast to you think ATP players could run a 5K without doing any specialized training?
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