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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
Hi Sree, thanks for a very thorough and informative review. Sounds like the Gold99 could be a very good fit for me. My current Tours derive their power from their weight and a full swing, so I'm not afraid of a low powered racket. An open patterned 100 sq inch racket with the control of a mid sounds almost too good to be true. I really need to get my hands on one to try for my self, pity they are so expensive here in Europe. So have you ever played with the Plat? Most people here appear to prefer it over the Gold, but I like the sound of the extra kick you got out of the Gold...
Glad i could help. Gold is really not that low powered racuqet, I have hit my best FH with it. But sadly the thin frame does not work on my BH. I am getting some good success with Pro One, especially with my serve. It is very easy to serve with Pro one, not sure why, I am getting most of my first serve in and this improves my game as I am very good in return.

Regarding Plat99, I am not really interested in it. I dont understand how it can have more kick than Gold as it is closed string pattern. My Game is so much dependent on Spin (counterpuncher) hence I need open pattern. I thought xp dual black will be a good replacement for Gold but the reviews are not good for this racquet. Black is slightly thicker than gold, hence might help with my BH. As of now I am very much happy with Pro One.
Donay Gold 99 with Tourna Bighitter blue 16g.
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