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PV. Been gone for awhile and have been using the WT and Scorpion but tried a full setup of some Bab RPM and actually like the lower power and better control....strung at in high 50's. So I am thinking about changing. Want control and spin...I hit with and serve with spin. Considering: a full bed of Whispertouch; a full bed of Scorpion; or a hybrid Scorpion and Cofocus; or hybrid Tourna Poly Big Hitter Blue Rough 17g / PerforMAXX WhisperTouch.
Would you give me some direction? These or others and also the tensions?
I play mostly doubles...baseliner but like the net too. A decent 3.0
PS. I struggle with my current hybrid just being a little overpowered and if I don't stroke just perfect the balls sail on me.
2 Aeropro Drive Cortex Performaxx WT 17L / Weiss Scorpion 1.22 45/41
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