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Default Head IG Prestige Pro

Hi TW guru's. I need some advise. I'm currently playing with the Head Youtek Prestige MP (non IG) - i love this stick and always goes back to it. I also play with the Dunlop BioMax 200G, which in my opinion is very similar, except for the string pattern. Nothing feels like the Youtek Prestige Midplus for me, but i can do with that little extra power and spin from the open string pattern.

It would seem to me, that if you combine these two racquets it would give you the Prestige Pro, but i have some concerns. I have read a few reviews on the IG Prestige Pro, and alot of people commented that the weight of the racquet is substantially lower that what is advertised - sometimes the difference is as much as 15 to 20grams, which is quite a bit. Now to my questions:

1) Is this weight problem common with the IG Prestige Pro, is it indeed a problem, and does it apply the non IG Prestige Pro as well? (I can still get the non IG Prestige Pro's, so if this is a problem with the IG models, then i'd rather go for the non IG)

2) I cant get the Prestige Pro's from any dealers in my country, as they don't bring them in, so i would have to order from TW. What if i get my IG Prestige Pro and i weigh it, and there is a big difference in the actual and specified weight?
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