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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
Assuming they are valid for no good reason is intellectual bankruptcy.
Assuming they are worthless is the true intellectual bankruptcy. In fact, the benefit of the doubt should go WITH a given list, not against it, unless and until proven otherwise. Don't believe it? You should: if you were to examine for yourself the criteria used to create "best of" lists in 100 different categories, you'd probably reach much the same conclusions as the list-makers did 95 of those times.

You think it's sheer coincidence that Grape Nuts keep showing up on "healthy" cereal lists while Froot Loops never do? Or that Rod Laver consistently shows up on greatest tennis players of all time lists, while Tim Henman never does? We don't really need to know the criteria used to accept the findings most cases.

Unless you have reason to be suspicious of any "best of" list, its wiser to assume it's valid than to assume it's "garbage".

Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
But not as colorful or tasty as Froot Loops..
If there's a heaven, they will be serving Froot Loops every morning, yes siree.

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