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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Oh good lord. Really? You and I already had that conversation on posts 998, 999, 1000 and just a few moments ago in 1283. I provided bucket fulls of information, supported with numerous links and references there. Good luck with your racquet. No more wacky matches for me. If you want to have the last word on this feel free to take it. Not worth the investment for me.

In all these buckets of information that you provided were exactly is there any proof that the 99s can produce more spin than the vortex racket? The vortex racket with its open design definitely gets a whole lot of snap back action also.

Or are you saying that because it does not have one less cross like the steam it cannot give the snap back action or spin of the 99s? Better yet have you tried both rackets to actually see how they perform? Or are you to busy reading lab reports?

I think lab tests can give some good information and be helpful, but many players have found that they don't always match real life on the court experience. Which is exactly what I have found, I have found what really happens on the court to be much more accurate.

I have strung the 99S up with a full poly job and will give it a try tomorrow. I am hoping that it gives me great spin and control and helps my game. Like I said spin is a huge part of my game so I am hoping this stick works out and improves my game. If this happens I will gladly say so and report on how great this racket is. But if I don't think it is all that I will state that also, regardless what some lab tests say.
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