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This thread should be admitted as a case study in any intro psych, cognitive psych, or social psych as a prime example of cognitive dissonance. There is already a small mountain of evidence refuting every point raised by his defenders/worshipers, and yet these same 'defenses' are propped up time and time again. Evidence is clearly not a currency with any value to his worshipers, to the lancetards.

And I know why. Lance is the great white hope. In a sports landscape largely devoid of superstar white athletes, lance stands out as a beacon on a hill. Ever heard of brian scalabrine? No, you have not. Believe it or not, scalabrine is worshiped as the GOAT (greatest of all time) on basketball forums. His handle is 'white mamba,' aka the white version of Kobe Bryant.

No, sports fans aren't that dumb. They all know michael jordan is the gold standard, while brian scalabrine was a journeyman scrub who barely averaged 3 pts a game throughout his career.

But he's 'white.' The 'white mamba.' A legend. That's how rare elite white athletes are these days. This is lance's appeal. He's the great white hope. He's not french, either. Nor does he a have french sounding name. He's a texan. A good ol' american white boy.

This is what his defenders latch onto. And this is why they will never let go.

But you can let go. Actually lance is a fraud, and a phantom. But he's 'white.' And an 'American.' Since canada, mexico, and all of latin america don't count as america.

Lance, the great white hope. The one balled wonder. The greatest of all time. White mamba, indeed.
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