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Originally Posted by dak95_00 View Post
I'd guess the fastest to be approx 17 minutes and they'd be feeling sick afterwards. Depending upon the course, maybe 30 seconds faster but I couldn't see any better than a 16:30 w/o training to run a 5k and I couldn't see many of them hitting that time. My guess is the avg would be much closer to 18:00 for the top 100 ATP.
18-min or 5:48 pace as an average? Really? And you think the best times would approach 17-min (5:28 pace) or even 16:30 (5:18 pace)?

I'd have to see it to believe it. That seems like fast pacing for guys not training specifically for that. I doubt too many guys could sustain 5:30 or even 6:00 paces for 3 miles. I know your cross country athletes can do it, but they train for it. Tennis players don't.

Well, we'll never know anyway.......
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